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    Carol's Quest?

    The Smutosaur wiki is out of date because nobody cares enough to complete a wiki for a very, very dead and done game (and even the CoC2 and TITS wikis update slowly). Also notice that not even that wiki page tells you the full details of the quest, like having a time limit to complete it.
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    Is Evergreen evil?

    She and Evergreen are already preparing for her to leave the house and set up somewhere else (all of Evergreen's actual children leave at some point in their lives). That's part of why Meira opens up about her food alchemy. She wants to open a magic restaurant when she moves out.
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    Is Evergreen evil?

    What she offers to do depends on the scenes you do, and your current appearance or sexual stats. If you introduce her dick to your throat, for example, she'll offer to change your lips or tongue unless they already fully match her preferences.
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    What Content Would You Like Added?

    This has been attempted multiple times before. Every time, the person making it has either given up or completely vanished partway through.
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    More for the bimbos

    The Pexiga was essentially mindless before being uplifted. She would literally just sit in her room, doing nothing but waiting to be fed and have her saliva collected, because that's how Pexiga biology works as they reach "old age". Pexiga are voracious cannibalistic predators that start to...
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    Your Gripes With CoC2

    The centaur pack is the only way to get certain combinations of dick attributes, because fucking the leader enough times will transform the base shape of your dick into horse, while leaving other tags intact. You can't get a barbed horse dick any other way, as far as I know.
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    [0.6.22] Gytha dungeon dialog italics

    The second time talking with Gytha in the dungeon, post-Dracia, the last part of her dialog is not in italics or quotation marks.
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    What content would you like added?

    They have a nice relationship. She actually manages to calm him down and help him display some personality.
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    What content would you like added?

    I wouldn't really call COC1 a free roam sandbox, either. The extent of its "roaming" was just pressing a location button until the rng decided you found an event or another location button. There's zero sense of exploration, no "Finally finished exploring this region!", only waiting for the...
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    What items did you sacrifice to Kalysea?

    Her content is nice, but not nice enough to warrant throwing away 3 unique items for.
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    What content would you like added?

    When they say it was not really supported, they are referring to the vast majority of scenes in TITS not even having variations for non-bipeds, despite those body types being available for most of the game's lifetime. That kind of support disparity is what COC2 chose to get away from. Force...
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    Your gripes with CoC II

    In the blog comments Savin said that a new son is probably coming this month.
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    Your gripes with CoC II

    Ask her about it and she says she uses her magic to only produce daughters.
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    Your gripes with CoC II

    To be more specific, she is an ancient, extremely powerful being that keeps her own existence continuing by adopting/kidnapping/giving birth to mages who she raises as her children and students. When they get strong enough and power hungry enough to go through her Secret Forbidden Books, she...
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    Razorcup nectar buff being temporary is really lame

    What the fuck is wrong with you
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    Your gripes with CoC II

    What are you even going on about. There's literally an item that makes you look like an incubus, Incubus Cum. And no, most transformation items do not make you look like a woman, they have different effects depending on if you are a man or a woman. The only items that only make you more...
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    [0.6.4] Fungus dungeon not recognizing removal of Ryn's chastity cage

    In the bad end for the Wyld Tree fight, the scene does not recognize that Ryn is free from her chastity cage.
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    [0.6.4] Fungus dungeon not fully marked as a dungeon

    So I went about intentionally losing to the corrupted Dryad Grove, as you do for that sweet, sweet content. And the game over screen has the 'Reload Dungeon' button grayed out, because we apparently aren't in a dungeon.
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    Being a Valkyrie, and what it entails.

    Savin acknowledged that her reacting would be a good idea, so that's probably going to be added sometime down the line.
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    So, Let's talk about Etheryn

    She does. She says she wants to keep, and eventually use, her penis. She has zero desire to ever get a vagina, and the only circumstance she even considered it, was when she was at her most desperate to get her chastity cage off (praying that doing so would make the cage fall off).