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  1. Amyra


    so im confused as to why my intelligence score is at 0% all of a sudden?
  2. Amyra

    crtit error

    I was just runnimg around uveto trying to mate with the milodan bruiser and brute girls.
  3. Amyra


    is mcallister based on dr. kreiger from archer?
  4. Amyra

    not sure if its a bug.

    so I noticed with the corellah dova text it seems like there's a missing section of text. the prompts for talking to her seem to draw form information not given like the utopia option. no text about utopia was mentioned in my file.
  5. Amyra

    got an error

    All i did was fight Dr. Po and select the search prompt.
  6. Amyra

    Missing Crew A-P

    Here's a save file if it helps.
  7. Amyra


    Tried to do the three-way session between Tuuva and Nene and keep getting crit. errors.
  8. Amyra

    Nykke error on Uveto

    think you also have to be a min level too right? Because a lot of things don't trigger unless you meet a level requirement.
  9. Amyra

    Not sure if its a bug.

    I'm having trouble equipping the savicite cockrings. when i go to equip one it just brings me to a next text button instead of the where would you like to place it buttons. is there a certain way i am supposed to equip them now? here's my save.
  10. Amyra

    permanent Worn out status

    oki. here you go.
  11. Amyra

    permanent Worn out status

    Had fun with luca now I've got and now I cant get rid of the worn out status no matter how much I sleep.
  12. Amyra


    Don't know if its been reported yet or not but has anyone had their game cease functioning if you join Kiro for the little meeting with her sister and when you are walking with her if you change your gear the movement arrow keys darken and you get an infinite loop of hitting next that opens your...
  13. Amyra

    Bug or broken save?

    So i found a bug for T.I.T.S. I'm on day 265 on Tavros station and every time I speak to someone or do something to bring me past the 6 pm mark the next button disappears as I'm about to return to the board to move and I'm stuck in place as if the game is still cycling through text. This...