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    How do you impregnate Mai?

    Thank you so much!
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    How do you impregnate Mai?

    I've been through the Miko pregnancy, but I recently started a new save and I want to impregnate Mai on this one. However, the wiki gives no information on how to do so. Does anyone know how to knock up Mai?
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    How do you trigger the crit on Acid Cloud?

    Ah, awesome. Thank you for the info!
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    How do you trigger the crit on Acid Cloud?

    The tooltip says that it automatically crits immobilized enemies, but according to the wiki, there is no "immobilized" status effect or weapon flag. I've tried using freeze, sunder, and trip, but none of them cause Acid Cloud to crit. Would stunning or grappling work?
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    Stuck as half-Gryvain.

    I generally start my characters off as humans and then decide to mod them based on what I currently feel like playing. I've used a bunch of DracoGuards to turn my originally female PC into a herm Gryvain. Despite their cock having the flags "Tapered, Knotted, Ribbed, Scaled, Blue, Gryvain" and...
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    Tail-sex text error when playing as a Zaika.

    I was fighting a Zaika Gang, playing as a Zaika myself, when I noticed this on the sex page afterward. It's not a huge error, I just thought it was funny that my Zaika tail was first described as a cocktail, then my character says that it's a only cunt-tail and only the Zaika has an...
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    Very little energy restoring with Entropic Leech.

    Got this little message while fighting a Slyveren Slavebreaker. I've also been getting 2-3 energy back when fighting enemies, even when doing 50+ damage. Attaching a copy of my save file for reference. EDIT: typoes
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    Crash on Zheng Shi when finding new psinoise generator

    I am also having this issue, though the crash message I received is somewhat different. Version: 0.9.068-BACKER#3791 Message: Button for "PsiNoiseGenerator x1"had an undefined function param. Stack: TiTSException: Button for "PsiNoiseGenerator x1" had an undefined function param. at h...
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    How does one reset class abilities?

    Never mind, apparently I had to click on the ability itself.
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    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when using Entropic Leech at level 12, it says I'm gaining 5 energy in the combat text but it only restores 2-3 energy.
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    How does one reset class abilities?

    I have cheats enabled, but I can't find an option to reset my class abilities.
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    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Geothermal Spike doesn't hit if the opponent has the ability to fly, even if they are not currently flying (ie Sophora). Unnatural Reserves also sometimes triggers (shown under debuffs) even when my character hasn't lost any HP in the fight.
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    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Gravity Crush doesn't seem to do anything. I get the message "You grab hold of the gravity around Sophora and press it tighter, crushing her down with one of the fundamental forces of creation!", but she doesn't lose any shields or HP. Also, while levitating, Sophora somehow manages to trip me...
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    Kineticist Feedback Thread

    Reality Schism doesn't seem to end after combat. I'm currently out of combat and it's still appearing under my buffs/debuffs.
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    [0.9.067-BACKER#3762] Crash when fighting Forgehound.

    When the Forgehound's HP gets low enough that I get the sprint to safety option, it crashes and gives me this message: Version: 0.9.067-BACKER#3762 Message: Button for "Next" had an undefined function param. Stack: TiTSException: Button for "Next" had an undefined function param. at h...
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    It's been two months since I originally posted this, and I'm still having this issue as of backer version 0.6.14.
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    [0.9.064-BACKER#3656] Penny's Surprise Roleplay

    On my save, I have turned Penny into a cumslut with a horse cock. When I did her Surprise Roleplay scene, it refers to her having a knotted fox dick instead.
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    Fisianna pregnancy?

    Is it truly possible to get Fisianna pregnant? If so, what is her base fertility? I've bred her probably two dozen or more times using the Breed Her option with no success. My Steele has a Virility of 9.8k currently, and manages to get almost every other NPC pregnant on the first try, so I don't...
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    [0.9.064-BACKER#3656] Can't attack Zaika Gunner.

    Ah, I must just be incredibly unlucky then. I tried to attack her more than a dozen times and none of the attacks hit.
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    [0.9.064-BACKER#3656] Can't attack Zaika Gunner.

    Got into a fight with a Zaika gang and couldn't attack the Zaika Gunner. It says "You shoot at the ganger gunner. She" and nothing happens.