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    Syri recruitment bug [V0.9.090] Public

    Little update on this, I just did a quick search in the forums and found the save editor for the JS version. Found out that I had an older backup of a save from before starting her quest, did the quest on that save and compared the flags. Apparently my newest save didn't marked the syri support...
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    Syri recruitment bug [V0.9.090] Public

    Played on a previous version and saved right after Syri won the game tournament, loaded on current version and after the 2 days when she is back at the bar it plays out as if she lost.
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    Random Enemy Encounters; To remove or not?

    Just add a consumable item that let's you avoid fights for awhile, like repel in pokemon.
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    Ramis additional crew wake-up scenes not triggering

    The wiki is wrong, these scenes are not when waking up, they are on her pool of random sex scenes if you are a trap and she is top. The lickjob one requires a penis smaller than 5 inches and will appear after you click on her sex option.
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    Json editing race values

    Half Kui-tans have a human masked face.
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    How do you find Uveto and other miscellaneous planets?

    First-14: should be unlocked by default since it is the introductory dungeon; New Texas: You will receive an Email from Big T. while flying from a planet to another; Poe A: An email during halloween; Uveto; Pursuing a romance with Shade and getting the probe on Myrellion or a distress signal...
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    [0.3.41] Centaur Double Titjob

    That's because the only eligible companions for this scene are Cait, Kiyoko and Arona.
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    Is Arona's new set missable?

    I loaded an Older save and just entering Winter City for the first time was enough to proc it, in this save I hadn't recruited Arona yet and had Brienne sleeping with me and I got the quest when I went to sleep at the Frost hound.
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    /r/ feedback: Syri Recruutment

    For threesomes Kiro would be awesome. For transformations, making her lactate, Maybe let her use the dong designer, I would really like to see Syri with a horsecock.
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    Misgendering your kitsune children

    Couldn't you just change "son" for "child"? Wouldn't that solve the problem here?
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    Dumb4Cum vs Goo Core

    It's not that they aren't compatible, the thing is Dumb4cum makes your max intelligence higher while goo core only give's flat int until the cap, the same thing as if you were to use points you gain when leveling up.
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    Old Level 9-12 Design Document & Discussion

    Overcharge is an almost useless ability, you deal the same damage you has a normal ranged attack with second shot with a minimal chance to stun and using quite a lot of energy. If you really want the stun, you are better off using paralyzing shock than overcharge.
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    William's Wall

    Considering how the scene is I think it is Nice Time for Roo. even say on the name. She brings her friend to have a threesome with you but instead you choose to fuck only her friend while making her watch and humiliating her, you even make her cry on the scene.
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    William's Wall

    On CoC there are at least two Nice Time for Roo scenes, one for Lottie where you have sex with her friend Elle in front of her and there's another one for Marble sister during her purification quest. On TiTs there are two scenes if you lose to the Milodan war alpha during the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold.
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    Best way to grind experience?

    Frostwood is the best place, everyone there gives a lot of xp, the kitsunes for example give around 700 to 1350 on level 4.
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    How do you get the musk perk from lion-os?

    There's also pheromone sweat that only requires you to have the sweaty status, Allure accessory and rutting perfume also give pheromone escore, Minbranes with enough trust will also give you pheromones if you turn those on. While not exactly counting towards pheromones score there is also...
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    Pussy Plugged icon

    Other easy way to get rid of it is flying to another planet, from what I remember, this effect only stays in Uveto.
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    [Implemented] Futa Paige Expack!

    This is pretty good.The only thing that would make this Expack better would be giving her a Horsecock.
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    Need help with bianca

    You also forgot to mention that visiting her booth more than 3 times without buying or getting a treatment makes you lose familiarity.
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    William's Wall

    YES!YES!YES! Dialogue during the sex is the best part of the scenes, sometimes I even skip some less relevant parts just to read the talk parts.