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    Unable to Play After Accessing Codex

    No error code to report here, but over the last few days I've encountered this several times. When accessing Codex -> Appearance -> Collars button, the "back" button cycles forever, and I'm stuck in the menu, so am forced to re-start my save. I've also had a couple times just accessing the...
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    (0.9.051-Public#3306) Save menu

    This happens to me quite often. I've found that it shows the last screen you were in. So if I just started up and loaded a save, I have to make sure to switch it to save afterwards. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but yeah I've noticed this too.
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    Crash While Trying To "Shop" at Ceria's on Tavros

    Update: Unless there is some bigger error, I think I fucked my own save, I'm getting this error everywhere (ship storage, other characters, etc). :( Damn
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    Crash While Trying To "Shop" at Ceria's on Tavros

    Not sure what happened here, I have used a save editor previously, but I loaded a past save and got the same error. Version: 0.9.050-PUBLIC#3271 Message: XIMK5SecondSkin requires it's canMergeWith call to be overridden if it has dynamic properties. Stack: TiTSException: XIMK5SecondSkin...
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    Error While Using Tease

    This is going to look like a duplicate, so apologies. I saw the reply that the problem was fixed in the patch, but was unable to reply to that post. When I restarted the game I still get the error on 2 out of 4 of the teasing types. Ass tease - works Chest tease - crash Crotch tease - works...
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    Critical Error While Using Tease

    Character finished the Treatment, became Faux-Cow, and now cannot use Tease as a strategy. I can click Tease, but upon choosing any of the options, the game crashes. ``` Version: 0.9.048-PUBLIC#3209 Message: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'value1') Stack: TypeError: Cannot read...