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  1. Shana1001

    Talking to Vaush caused game to crash

    I went to foothills and met Vaush talked to him and game crashed. First crash was when I tried to buy from him then the other crashes happened just by talking to him in general. Here’s the error message I got. version: 0.6.30...
  2. Shana1001

    Game crash

    I have had this happen a few times now. The game just crashes and resets to the games title screen. It's happen 5x for me so far and I can't recreate it it just happens at random. I did screen shot the area it just happened to me at but the game gave no error code or anything just crashed and...
  3. Shana1001

    Weight display

    Was the weight display changed during one of the updates? It now switches to tons after player character hits over 200 lb (90.7ish kg). I looked it the options to see if I changed a setting by accident but I haven't found an way to change it back so far.
  4. Shana1001

    Self sex

    Ok, I thought this thread was for ideas of the game. Sorry
  5. Shana1001

    Self sex

    Since if you get Steele’s cock size long enough you can autofellatio, if it’s that long Steele should be long enough to fuck themself. Also if you really want to push it to the extreme a herm Steele could get themselves pregnant. Definitely think about it I honestly think it would be great.
  6. Shana1001

    Sleet Staff

    I wouldn’t call it a bug really but not sure where to post it so here is good. In Uveto the area with the sleet staff you can get unlimited staffs I have been able to pick up 20 so far and I’m decently sure that’s not intended. (Wouldn’t mind if it stayed as that was nice credits lol)
  7. Shana1001

    Gianna (New Texas)

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's supposed to be like this but the graphic for Gianna doesn't change during sex scenes also when she is given a cock it doesn't show. Sometimes she is shown nude during scenes but even that doesn't happen when it's supposed to.
  8. Shana1001

    Save deleted

    I don’t know why but my save data is gone. I haven’t played in a couple weeks because of work, then logged in today to find all my save data gone except for one save I saved to my iPad almost 3 months ago. Though los that much progress hurts I don’t mind starting from that save but I hope this...
  9. Shana1001


    Is it or will it ever be possible to corrupt Eryka? My MC has 100% corruption and I would really like to have an option to slowly corrupt other npc’s and my partners if able?
  10. Shana1001

    Race abilities

    For players that have a Steele as a specific it would be interesting to be able to use stuff like claws for gryvain or Pheromone for Zil stuff like that. My Steele is a frostwyrm and it’s so awkward that if I get disarmed in combat I can’t attack with her clawed hand or a special ability like...
  11. Shana1001

    Soft lock

    I made Steele a frostwyrm and now when I go to appearance, wings to change the wings position when I hit the back button it gets stuck in the option screens I can't get it to go back to the game and have to reload a prior save. I am able to recreate it every time I try. I'm not sure if being a...
  12. Shana1001

    Auto path

    The auto pathing isn’t working since the newest update.
  13. Shana1001

    Disappearing items

    I’m not sure exactly how it happened but when I was on my ship near the storage container I moved my grey goo armor to my backpack and took out the 10 grey goo canisters to give Nova the heal skill, all the items in my backpack and storage container disappeared. I had a prior save that I loaded...
  14. Shana1001

    Game crash

    There's the copy of my save (if I did it right) also I circled the area where the game crashed when I tried to step in that area.
  15. Shana1001

    Game crash

    When walking in Myrellion deep caverns the game randomly crashes with an error message. It’s happened to me 10 times so far, I have to set auto save to every in game hour to make any progress so I won’t lose progress when it crashes.
  16. Shana1001

    Missing meows

    On the missing meow quest it asks us to get 2 apprentice robes but I've checked every store and there are no robes anywhere, am I missing a store or is this quest not ready yet?