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    Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business (v0.50.1, 3/8/2022)

    The new mechanics round out clarity pretty nicely. I find there's a bit of a lack of goals when it comes to investing time and clarity or serums into any given person, so I think the final layer to all this would feed either into the business or some more personal goal.
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    Expansion/Hyper Themed Games

    This game is progressing well, so far: Summer Growth
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    [Unreal Engine] [Patreon] Slaves of Rome - adult BDSM 3D Game (Trailer)

    I think the fact you can improve your slaves' bodies is ripe for more content. They would think it's amazing. Maybe some would have preferences to be met. Otherwise, there's a lot to still be improved and ironed out - especially in the UI and in content. DO follow through on the transformation...
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    Aftermath Team's Games (Dec/22/23)

    Sorry, I'd go back and grab it, but I don't think I could readily find it. What I remember is trying to learn to use the lab and experimenting, only to find the game's method for registering and picking events is deeply flawed. Make sure that they display in order or are written to be...
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    Advice for Theoretical Game Direction?

    The most important thing about a game - particularly a sexy game - is that the game does things in response to the player. It can surprise them and respond to their choices. That is the difference between a game, and a porn dispenser. Every interesting sexy game I can think of is sexy in...
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    [harem-style RPG] The Godhood Chronicles

    I enjoyed the original version of this game - I'm hopeful for this version but I'd like to see it get to where it was and possibly improve how content is presented and changed by the player. Unlocking stuff is neat, but considering your a god and can affect change in others, I'd love to see more...
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    Aftermath Team's Games (Dec/22/23)

    There's still a lot of long standing issues with the game part of the game that need addressing: - Some scenes make reference to events in sequence that you don't encounter first (Rey) - Some items are said to be gained but do not show up in inventory and otherwise are not shown to you as being...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    Upgraded Danica through cash - ended up with E-cups but game describes her as DD. "Danica has long, wavy brown hair that reaches down to the small of her back. She has firm DD-cup boobs sitting high beneath a light grey shirt with a modest V-cut that lets them breathe without revealing too...
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    Your gripes with CoC II

    I feel like you can spend hours getting to where the game is right now, and it feels like there's only a few really key moments where you actually corrupt or change anyone - with the feeling the game is supposed to open up after you get the old fort. A lot of these choices seem very isolated...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    Nice to see the progress update. I know that rewriting so much might feel like a pain, but this is a good one. The game is much improved by this, as is the narrative of what is happening. The wording in that screenshot could use some work - the text arrangements suggest your gaining stats on...
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    Lilith's Throne (Early Alpha)

    With language as caustic as that - I'd probably be ignoring and silencing people, too. I didn't mention the story, but I'd say completing the story will require organizing the characters and content needed beforehand as above. Anyways, I don't know much about Innoxia, but I don't think this is...
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    Lilith's Throne (Early Alpha)

    If I were handed the codebase, I'd probably do the following: - Complete remaining work on content mod / writing support - I just think people should start writing stuff for the game, because it seems to have worked out for COC and TITS. - Finish the overworld map, start putting down cities. -...
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    Thoughts? Interests? New game incoming!

    Depending on what kind of content you want to add or what kind of game you want this to be - I'd say avoid the general pitfalls of these games and follow these pieces of advice: - The game has to do things on its own and try to surprise the player. - Don't get lost in adding new characters...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    " You rush right back into the alleyway where she is, expecting to find her there, her pants at her ankles, her engorged shaft, bulked on your stolen assets, full and throbbing, standing like a lighthouse amongst the fog that is your life without her dick in your mouth and her fucking your...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    Improving Danica: - There should be a resulting scene where Danica uses (or shows off the results of) the bottles that she bought. This would require tracking the bottles you have asked her to buy, and then coming back to see her show off her results. - As well, a fun option would be to just...
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    Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business (v0.50.1, 3/8/2022)

    There's already quite a lot of opportunities to fill out content based upon a character's stats and traits. You could expand the amount of personality traits, deepen the variation of what they already do for dialogue, make variations for their stats. Why not create personal or smalltime...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    BUGS: Error with fucking Danica: "The hand at her boob goes from pinching her nipple to flatly groping her whole tit, grabbing a whole palm-full between her fingers. “☕ missing ] after element list►" The effect of this bug - and the similar one below - is that the game sometimes displays the...
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    [Unreal Engine] [Patreon] My Lust Wish - 3D Adult Sex Game (Trailer)

    I like any game where you can work out and get swole. I would hope there's ways she can get even bigger if you want to unlock or pursue that. Nice to see several improvements coming through in a month. I like games where I can explore, and I hope the game keeps getting the hard work to really...
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    [Twine][Patreon]Equivalent Exchange

    - One of Kalli's Negotiate levels results in a transition with no text. - Certain levels of Kalli's main and negotiate passage incorrectly state she's stolen your assets when that doesn't happen until a few steps after. Her first step is actually one of her own potions. - Submitting during...
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    More characters should use/require items.

    I sometimes come back to the game to see how it's coming along and while it's nice to have such varied characters, something always sticks out about my experience with the game each time: I have all these items, but very few uses for them. This is true for both TITS and COC2. The characters...