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    [Free] Teen Titans - Raven Go!

    Ah, for those "special" people that like Beast Boy
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    Unyeilding [RPG][Patreon]

    Looks good until I get to the maid pic, another "it only counts as a curve if its the same size as the curvature of the earth" pic
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    [RPG Maker VX Ace] Caliross 0.9.8a Jan/31/2024

    IS the transformation stuff optional?
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    Pulp Circle

    So "people bully me but I get to have a lot of sex with overly busty girls" is the only plot?
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    [RPG Maker] Erolon: Dungeon Bound - Version 0.1-Alpha

    I notice the guys complaining about arms and breasts don't complain that most furries misinterpret hemipenes as dual-penis. It's actually a split penis. The cum flows, inefficiently, between them. the earth has two hemispheres, does that mean there are two planets? Snakes have a two-part...
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    Adventures of Tara - [RPG Maker-3D-English] *Free Update* v0.07.D9 [11/3]

    "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run the game" when I try the demo?
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    [Patreon] Siluman Fantasy - Monster Girls RPG[RPG Maker]

    Worthless without sound controls, the craptastic music needs to be off.
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    Valor and glory - New public version 27/01/2019!

    Could not save. Is this intentional, if so, why is this here?
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    [RPG Maker]Femdomstories: BDSM Tournament[Patreon][Free Demo]

    Too easy to lose without any payoff, not donating until it gets better
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    Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret [Monster Girl, Yuri, Straight, Female Hero]

    How do you move/hide the character picture so you can see everything?
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    The Proteus Effect - A Lighthearted RPG Maker H-Game [10.0 Patron / 0.9.8 Public]

    The gimmick puzzles suck as much as any gimmick puzzles
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    How can I remove breasts?

    Nah, just quitting the game for forced transformations with no way to reverse them.
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    Survival/ forced tf

    Survival modes suck. They are just time saps on a game, forcing you yo take time away from the plot and role play to juggle numbers and fill up inventory slots with food and drink.
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    How can I remove breasts?

    My character has "male" breasts producing milk. How can I remove them?
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    Quadommes are OP

    I love how snotty and condescending the hacks that wrote this content get at the suggestion they might be wrong. They designed something to "keep the difficulty high" because the rest of the game gets too easy at the end. Why is level 10, take the time to max out your stats only content where...