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    [0.6.18] Steam version cannot load to file

    Yeah, I've got the same problem.
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    Best GFs so far...

    Good to know. I somehow completely missed that post about him being banned.
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    Best GFs so far...

    I think I'll pass on voting, because I don't like Melancholy Man's thought process about it at all. And honestly, I have a hard time choosing a favorite character, since I like most of them. Also nothing against the NPCs sleeping with other NPCs either, I don't really feel like being a hypocrite.
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    [Fixed] Crash when attacking with staff

    Got a slightly different error when doing the same thing. (Against a Gold Myr Deserter) Version: 0.9.068-BACKER#3791 Message: setting getter-only property "kinetic" Stack: value@
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    [0.9.067-BACKER#3771] Kineticist starting weapon crash

    Not exactly a high-priority thing but... Inspecting the kineticist starting ranged weapon (the rock) crashes the game. Edit: Or I guess it's just anyone's ranged weapon if you don't have anything equipped, but either way.
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    Threw a grenade at the group of Zil in Pump-king quest

    Game crashed when I threw a grenade at the zil. Version: 0.9.020-BACKER#2535 Message: n is null Stack: value@ value@