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  1. KnightOwl

    CoC Xianxia Mod (0.8u2 for CoC 1.0.2)

    Isn't (at least in original CoC) Izma gated behind fighting one of the Shark Girls first?
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    Looking for game variables (item names, etc)

    Is this what you're looking for?
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    Can't get any flash to work

    The is a self-contained version of the game. Once you unzip the file, open the "TiTS #.#.###" folder and then click on the "TiTS #.#.###.exe" file and it'll run without needing a flash player (because the player is built-in)
  4. KnightOwl

    Amily Lover?

    According to the wiki, your Corruption needs to be below 20 and your penis volume (length x width) can't be larger than 40. Your Lust also has to be high enough (33+?) for the PC to actually want to have sex with her. Also, I believe that high levels of Lust (70-99) increase her pregnancy chances.
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    Inconsistent Dialog
  6. KnightOwl

    Izma appearance bug

    Has your PC encountered a Shark Girl at the (Places) Boat location yet? Izma doesn't show up until after that encounter
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    About the Yearly Event

    If you want to change the date that the game uses but not have to actually change your computer's system date/time you can use the runasdate program found here:
  8. KnightOwl

    How to reach lake/desert

    I think you are confusing CoC1 and CoC2. The Lake and the Desert are locations in CoC1 but the Foothills, Frostwood, and the marefolk are in CoC2.
  9. KnightOwl

    CoC kink question

    Technically vore is blacklisted content but there are two instances of vore-like content in CoC that I can recall. One is the Bad End for the Tentacle Beast ( and look for Ruined by Tentacles) and the second is losing to the Fungus in Zetaz's Lair...
  10. KnightOwl

    Is there an event that forced futafication when defeated?

    The closest thing I can recall to a forced futa TF in CoC is if the PC is a female that loses to the Anemone and is impregnated as a result. The first Anemone pregnancy always ends up giving the female PC an Anemone penis (the second gives birth to the Anemone Kid NPC).
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    Public Release

    Sorry about that, for some reason I thought I was in the TiTS forum.
  12. KnightOwl

    Public Release

    Yes and it was released on the 5th
  13. KnightOwl

    What is the "Rut" status?

    No, they only apply while the Rut status is in effect so they go away after the PC cums or the 100 hours runs out whichever happens first. If a PC under the effects of Rut gets affected by additional Rut effects then they just add more time onto the length of the first.
  14. KnightOwl

    What is the "Rut" status?

    It's the male version of being in Heat. It increases your Cum Production and Libido for 100 hours or until your character has sex and cums.
  15. KnightOwl

    A question about goo armor.

    I believe that's because the helmet makes the armor airtight so the -2 is to balance that. It can also be explained by saying that increasing the area the suit covers lowers the overall protection it grants
  16. KnightOwl

    Marble resistance perk

    The Marble Resistance perk is only available to PCs that chose to not become addicted to Marble's milk while she was at the Farm. If the Marble's Milk perk is in your list of perks then the PC is addicted and cannot get the Marble Resistance perk (basically PCs can only have one perk or the other)
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    Russet rouge training.

    Should be 4 sessions total, assuming I'm reading the CoCEd right
  18. KnightOwl

    Save Editor help

    On that page you posted, under the following "A save editor for the game Corruption of Champions." there are several header links. Click on the one titled "Releases" and on that page download the topmost .zip file
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    Update is not showing

    The public patch for TiTS usually releases on either the first or second week of the month. CoC2's public patch usually comes out around the middle of the month.
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    Looking for Lust Effect