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  1. Lotus
    Good for nothing.
  2. Cooldudesteve
  3. Droxzyn
    I am back from the dead. At least for a little while.
  4. Wint3rRyd3r
    I have returned and will make that everyone's problem
  5. BCarey
  6. Wint3rRyd3r
    Rest in peace Big Kitty. You were my best friend. I can never repay the love and kindness you've shown me. I'm happy to have known you.
  7. Wint3rRyd3r
    Having a bit of a hiatus, at least on posting. My cat isn't well. Hard to be funny and analytical while sad.
  8. Sir Gooch
    Sir Gooch
    all smiles
  9. Sir Gooch
    Sir Gooch
    done going through hell
  10. TheDwarf
    Between A Migraine and a Hard Place
  11. null_blank
    Still healing. Hope to be better before the js port is ready to play :)
  12. noice
    Keep Moving Forward
  13. Animalistic
    Where did all the pretty boys go?
  14. Baggrin
    I found out that there is not enough space left on the disk. Fixed this. Can you guess what I suddenly lost? Yeees, saves for CoC and TITS.
  15. Wint3rRyd3r
    I am become cat. Wrecker of shit and doer of stupid stuff.
  16. HeroicSpirit
  17. Pizzaonfocus
  18. Miwhoodoo
    Thinking about boreal elves...
  19. DaisukeKaiser
  20. Lilith87
    Planning World Domination
  21. Goudachan
    Working on The Lust Wars: Colosseum
  22. Just-one
    I come here every once in a while, so I won't be here for days, weeks, or months. I'm not reliable to give information either since I'm new.
  23. Kaiserr
    King of the Britons.
  24. NekoChica
    New at the forum, be gentle (okay, a little rough is better... XO )
  25. TheoFel
    TheoFel William.
    Hello, was watching Adjatha's stream and it ended up getting me into House. Went over there to thank 'em, but they said I should probably thank you so that's what I'm doing. Thanks!
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    2. William.
      Ha ha yeah, I mentioned it to him once and then he started playing it. I always had good memories of it myself but having the chance to rewatch it 7~some years was fantastic.
      Mar 25, 2021
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  26. UnfortunateTruth
    I look like an angel on the outside, but deep within... I'm hiding a little devil.
  27. Drakan Galaxy
    Drakan Galaxy
    The backers update has nothing to do with Vulpatra ) :
  28. valkyr42
  29. Drakan Galaxy
    Drakan Galaxy
    Day 1 of waiting for more Vulpatra content
  30. Drakan Galaxy
    Drakan Galaxy
    A Dragon waiting for more Vulpatra Content.