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  1. Mar Way
    Mar Way
    Trying to figure out how to link patreon XP
  2. Woider
  3. Bucatini Boccoli
    Bucatini Boccoli
    CIA: Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA
    1. Bucatini Boccoli
      Bucatini Boccoli
      Masketta man: He wasn't alone
      Mar 21, 2018 at 5:31 PM
    2. Bucatini Boccoli
      Bucatini Boccoli
      CIA: Uh, you don't get to bring friends.
      Mar 22, 2018 at 5:53 PM
  4. Bucatini Boccoli
    Bucatini Boccoli
    The second after I registered I realised that Macaroni Gemelli would've been a better pasta name but this is my life now.
  5. wafa haider
    wafa haider irredeemable

    If you don't mind may I get complete walk through of Teacher's pet V2.06.

    Thanks in advance...
  6. TheDwarf
    Where are messages kept? five now, can't access messages. Start a convo to let me know please.
  7. TheDwarf
    How do you read messages? Really. I don't see anything to click messages. Just alerts.
  8. statess
    statess Kalos Kagathos
    cum... tehy are immobilized until release(or just EXTREMELY ENCUMBERED AND CANT move that well as well they cant use many attacks, and the attacks they do use are soooo slow) KEEP IT UP :)don't abandon thisi know life is hard... i have lots of problems also... Please dont let this Gem be lost...
  9. statess
    statess Kalos Kagathos
    Keep this game going :D i really hope we can get multiple breasts and pregnant with eggs(dragon eggs) This game will be amazing :D please continue it <3
    oh yea hyper cock and balls... as well as the preg belly and breasts and udder if they are too big(which they are if hyper) and are filled with milk or
  10. quickpawmaud
    trying out fall of eden just found it hope it is good
  11. SoAndSo
  12. Luxuria
  13. Luxuria
    I'm. SO. Horny...!!
  14. Luxuria
    God I don't think I've ever needed it as badly as I do now...! <3
  15. Luxuria
    Need to cum so badly, ugh!!
  16. Luxuria
    I'm masturbating so hard rn <3 SO fucking horny!
  17. lcie nimbus
    lcie nimbus
    Anyone know how to view my older posts ?
  18. Izic48
    Izic48 Upcast Drake
    ok so im stupid how do i config my flash.swc
  19. Reptillicus
  20. Reptillicus
    Reptillicus Karretch
    I'm sorry to bother your but..... Just what in sam hill is you avatar?! it can't tell!
    1. Karretch
      It's a character i created & drew, a liquid robot connected with wires to a control system
      Mar 3, 2018
  21. Borimor_Wathal
    dErPiNg around with things!
  22. sumgai
    sumgai Evil
    Damn, I thought you were a member longer then I was!
    1. Evil
      Nah, I just talk a lot of crap and somehow it makes it look like I've been around longer than I have actually been.
      Feb 27, 2018
  23. KyrinDarkWolf
    On a Mission to Capture them all in my Ship o.o XDD
  24. Vito Calles
    Vito Calles
    Just tryn'a survive man..
  25. Irrlicht
    Additional Member
  26. AveryWindchester
  27. Alcea
  28. Saafi05
    I'm currently masturbating...
  29. nando
    nando kaorok
    Hey, if you need help of a beta reader I can at least try. I have never been a beta reader before, so I don´t know how good I could be, but I can at least try for now. (I say for now because I have free time at this moment, can´t say for sure in the future).
    Also, my first language isn´t english, just as a warning.
    1. kaorok likes this.
    2. kaorok
      Thanks! I definitely appreciate the offer. I'll be sending you a link to the next build of EYP before I release it!
      Feb 21, 2018
    3. nando
      great, if you have areas that you would prefer to receive points on, just tell me beforehand.
      Feb 22, 2018
    4. kaorok
      I have a hard time judging the pace of my writing, since I'm a fan of super-wordy Japanese visual novels. So if there's too much text and not enough gameplay, please let me know! That's something I won't notice until it's too late and I need to recode entire sections.
      Feb 23, 2018
  30. Levant20