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Full Version: Any games like CoC?
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So CoC was my very first taste at this whole text-based RPG thing. And I have to say, I like it, I like it a lot.
But I've pretty much done everything there is to be done in the game, and I'm wondering if there are game similar to it.

I tried Cursed, but the interface was throwing me off too much, and the text wasn't as colorful as in CoC.

Anything you people recommend?
Here are Fen's recommendations: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://fenoxo.com/downloads-and-other-games/">http://fenoxo.com/downloads-and-other-games/</a><!-- m -->
Ooh, thanks
Also, check out this thread that I made last year:

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It's fallen off the front page of the Adult Games section, but there are a lot of excellent suggestions in there (and I'd still love to have more!).

Zoey Fetish

There are tons of tf/tg related text based and even some with pictures, video and animation. My favorite site to get them is http://www.tfgamessite.com. I actually learned of Fenoxo and CoC through there Smile
Be aware that almost all the TF games I saw on that site where male to female TG. Pretty much the only transformation that I don't like.
anything like coc but a little *tamer*?
tamer how?

Lots of transformations, though no sex. (I think, haven't played far)
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